What does this blog do?

This blog addresses 3 aspects of considerable interest to industry, our students, and those with plain academic interest in understanding the cutting-edge work in Analytics being performed at INSOFE.

Real-World Projects

A cutting-edge, applied project is a mandatory component of INSOFE’s Certificate in Engineering Excellence (CPEE) and Masters in Technology (M.Tech.)programs.

CPEE is certified by Language Technologies Institute (LTI) of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA for the quality of content, pedagogy and assessment, and M.Tech. degree is conferred by our partner, GITAM University, India. All classes are conducted by INSOFE’s world-class mentors.

This blog showcases projects by INSOFE’s research staff, and CPEE andM.Tech.students.Weekly project updates are posted here summarizing the thought-process, methodology and results obtained.

Data Sciences Surveys and Reports

To help our students understand trends and opportunities in data sciences, we conduct global surveys and publish reports here.  The surveys cover job opportunities, salary trends, job profiles, etc. for people with Big Data and Analytics skills.

Know Our Students

Those who wish to learn more about our students and their projects can get to know them from here.

If you wish to connect with them, please feel free to contact us, and we shall gladly facilitate such interactions.



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