Health Care – Patient recovery in Physiotherapy

Team members:

  1. Sushmita Nandi
  2. Raghunath Daita
  3. Harshavardhan Adigopula

Physicians suggest different types of exercises to patients through games and collect the data of functioning of each muscle joint while they are performing that exercise. The games use Microsoft’s Kinect motion capture technology to guide patients through series of therapeutic exercises. Medical professionals have been adopting game changing innovations in healthcare to improve quality of lives such as use of smartphones to detect the behavioral troubles, make diagnosis and assess patient’s progress post treatment.

Our objective in this project is to build below prototypes and analysis:

  • Build a knowledge base and quantitative analysis of the impact of each activity on each of the control point.
  • Build a tool that devices the best exercise strategy based on input given by a physician (the exercise he wants at each control point and in each direction each day).
  • Build a prototype of real time guidance tool for the patient, which helps the patient in understanding desired exercise level for each control point and their current status.

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