Pharmaceutical – Fraud and failure analysis of clinical trials

Team members :

  1. Bharath Kumar Chilakamarthy
  2. Sama Kushalav Reddy
  3. Suresh Kumar Barla Venkata

Clinical Trials explores whether a medical strategy, treatment or device is safe and effective for humans. The information products in clinical trials helps in health care decision making process. The cost of one end to end clinical trial execution involves hundreds of millions dollars. A clinical trial performs on large number of participants (volunteers/patients) in different geographic locations. Identifying fraud and other systematic data irregularities in clinical trials is an important issue. Fraud in any one center may have a size-able impact on the overall result and can have a devastating effect on the trial credibility.

Our objective of this study is to identify different kinds of frauds can happen in clinical trials and come up with a list of analyses to be performed to identify the fraud and implement on the data. Build a prototype which takes clinical trial data as input and outputs possible fraud samples with different statistical measures.


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